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I have a standardized pricing model based on price of canvas, fixed cost of materials per square inch, and time to create the work. I use a calculation so that everyone gets fair price. Because custom art work is so expensive (go into a gallery and just look at those tiny numbers) I try to make sure I can help people start their art collection without breaking the bank! I am also partnering with the Atlanta Community Food Bank to donate 5% of profits from each sale to the food bank. Food for thought, every $5 donated provides 20 meals to people in need. As a long time volunteer at the food bank, I want to use my art to benefit the Atlanta community! Shipping costs for items will be based on location and estimates will be gathered directly from USPS. Live in Atlanta? Great! Skip on shipping by meeting up with me, picking up, or getting the work dropped off... I'd love to meet you! For a pricing estimate, an 8x10 would be around $95, and a 36x48 would be around $750.